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Registration Fee

There is an annual $45 registration fee per family due when registering at any time. This is paid in addition to the tuition fees. ALL FEES must be paid prior to the start of the first class. Registration fees are non-refundable. 

There is no registration fee for summer classes.


Registration for all dance classes can be done at the website at, brought in or mailed to the studio.

For summer classes, payment must be received in full at the start of the first class. There are no refunds given for withdrawal from summer classes. 

For our regular dance season, monthly tuition must be received in full by the 7th of each month. The final payment for the 2017-2018 season is due by May 7th, and must include tuition for May and half month of June.


Tuition fees are non-refundable. There is no refund for missed classes.

There are also no refunds for registration fees, withdrawal from class, recital tickets, costumes or inclement weather.

If your dancer misses a class, the dancer can make it up during another class of similar age and level at any of the 3 studios. Please request to attend a makeup class via email so the teacher can be made aware. Please note that many classes will be working on their showcase dances from February – June.

In the event a dancer needs to withdraw early from classes, an email must be sent and reply received in order to close your account and prevent further billing. Any past tuition must be paid before withdrawal.

Returned Check Policy

There is a $35 handling fee for any returned check.

Tuition Payments

There are two dance sessions per year: The Summer Session and our Regular Dance Year.

- Tuition for summer classes is due in full prior to the first class and is non-refundable. 

- Tuition based on the year long program runs from September through June.  Monthly tuition must be received in full by the 7th of each month. The final payment for the 2017-2018 season is due by May 7th, and must include tuition for May and half month of June. Please see the 'Pricing' tab for details.

Tuition may be mailed in or dropped in tuition boxes at the studio. Please speak to management if other payment arrangements are necessary.

A late fee of $15.00 per month will be added after the 7th of the month (No Exceptions).

For accounts that continue to be assessed a late fee, CM reserves the right to withhold students from taking class until the account is paid.

Tuition may be paid with a check, money order, cashier’s check or cash. 

Costume Policy

Ornate costumes are chosen by teachers and ordered from professional companies and are handmade. Pictures are taken by a professional company in May. All dancers are asked to purchase costumes for each dance they perform. You will be invoiced with the costume fees. No costume fee is refundable. No costume will be ordered unless the fee is paid in full. Costume payments that are 2 weeks past due will be assessed an additional $20 fee per costume. Should your dancer withdraw from class after costumes have been paid for, you may make arrangements to get the costume once it arrives. Any costume left unclaimed after the recital becomes the property of the studio.

Costume sizes and fit can vary and may not fit like normal street clothes. CM will select the size that most accurately reflects the dancer’s measurements based on the costume supplier’s sizing guide. The girth measurement is the most important. When a dancer falls between sizes the costume supplier recommends that the order be placed at a larger size (one size up from the measurements). For costumes that may be too large, it is your responsibility to get the proper alterations done. For costumes that are too small, CM will attempt to arrange for an exchange with the costume supplier. There are fees for these exchanges and the following procedure will apply:

  • Exchanged items must be in their original package. However, be sure to send all items that are included with the costume such as hair poufs, gloves, skirts, etc.
  • Send only the costume to be exchanged
  • Do not include optional accessories purchased separately
  • Processing delays will occur if exchange fee and shipping/handling charges are not paid in full
  • To avoid delays, please return costumes to be exchanged within 3 days of receiving

The following charges will apply:

  • Shipping/handling charge of $10
  • Exchange fee of $5

Inclement Weather – Studio Closings

If the County schools are closed where the studio is located, the studio will close as well. If schools are two hours delayed, there will not be any morning classes. If schools are closed two-hours early, then our evening classes are cancelled. Olney and Damascus studios are in Montgomery County, Mt. Airy Studio of Dance follows the Carroll County school closings.

If however, the weather/roads clear by 3:00 pm, CM reserves the right to open for classes.

Please check your emails. All communication will be sent via email for inclement weather updates. Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. Dancers can may attend another class of similar age and level at any of the 3 studios.

Dance Class Dress Code and Attendance

The following are required classroom attire: 

First Steps I – may wear comfortable clothes and clean sneakers or dance attire.

First Steps II – pink leotard and tights with ballet and tap shoes.

Ballet – black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in bun

All other classes – any color leotard, with jazz shorts or jazz pants. Dance tights (no stockings or pantyhose) and footwear appropriate to the style of dance. Hair must be pulled back into a neat ponytail or bun.

Foot Undies may be worn for lyrical and modern classes. No jewelry should be worn to any dance class. 

Each teacher may have specific attire or shoes that they will request for dance classes. Dancers will be notified of any special requests for recitals, (costuming) in the winter.

No dance shoes should be worn out-of-doors of the dance studio. All dancers are expected to wear cover-ups over leotards when arriving and leaving the dance studio. We encourage all dancers to put their names on their dance shoes and attire. If for some reason you have lost something, please check the lost-n-found at the studio. These items are removed twice a year with items donated to local charities. 

Attendance and participation is imperative for a dancer to progress. Please send an email when your dancer cannot attend class. If a dancer has inconsistent attendance, participation in the recital is at the discretion of the teacher and director.  

For your dancer’s safety, we ask that parents come into the studio to pick up your dancer. We do not want your dancer going into the parking lot unaccompanied by an adult. Please arrive promptly at the end of class.

Parent Observation

We offer parent observation day for each dance class twice a year. Out of courtesy to our dancers and teachers we ask that parents and adult guests only attend observation days. No siblings please.

During normal class times the classroom is closed to observers. Parents are asked to be in the lobby during the last 5 minutes of class to hear any announcements or receive any distributions from our teachers. If you are not in the lobby when the teacher dismisses the class you may miss hearing or receiving important information.

It is the responsibility of the parents to be aware of all dance studio activities and dates. The yearly calendar is on the website, notices are posted at each studio and newsletters are emailed. Most communications is done via email so please ensure your email address is up to date with us and that you can accept emails from us (and that they do not go to spam).

CM Dance Showcase – Let’s Dance

We conduct our classes with the main purpose of exposing the students to the learning, appreciation and understanding of dance. Because of this approach, we offer the students the instruction that will enable them to incorporate what they have learned and to dance routines. The intent is to both teach and perform. 

The end of the year performance is called CM Dance Showcase, Let’s Dance. Each year Concepts in Motivation will produce a Dance Showcase for all studios. This will be held in June.  Exact dates are not finalized until February or March timeframe.

This formal performance offers our dancers a ceremonial setting for year-end performances. Pictures are taken in May in costume by a professional company and quality prints are offered to parents as an option to purchase. A qualified company provides professionally recorded and edited DVDs of their dancer’s class performance. Parents, families, and guests have the option of placing personal ads and well wishes to their dancers in the formal recital program. Flowers are sold at performances to share with your dancer. Tickets are required for purchase to attend these performances. 

A performance schedule will be sent in March. This information will explain which show your dancer will perform in. We abbreviate our studio names as follows: Olney Studio of Dance = OSD, Damascus Studio of Dance = DSD, Mt. Airy Studio of Dance = MASD. Most classes perform in one show. Performing Arts Team classes and CM Dance Company classes perform in more than one show. A dress rehearsal schedule will also be provided.

Performance Teams

Through competitions, performances, appearances, and volunteer activities the Youth Performance Teams serve as ambassadors for the studio. There are two opportunities for dancers to be part of these groups and move to the next stage in their dance instruction.

Performing Arts Team

The Team is perfect for our recreational dancer who wishes to perform more often throughout the year at local charity and community events. Often the studio is approached by many organizations for appearances by the Performance Team dancers. This Team represents the studio as dance emissaries at those venues. Students will experience the self-discipline necessary to progress as a young dancer, the joy of working on personal, group, and community goals, and the reward of performing for both peers and the general public.

CM Dance Company

For the dancer who loves to dance, our competitive dance program provides an opportunity to learn, advance, perform, and compete in dance. CM Company activities include competing in dance competitions, performing in our annual showcase performances, at a company level, and performing at other venues during the year. These dancers pursue a more intensive curriculum as the Company instructors stress the importance of developing the technical skills of the dancer as well as their performance technique. They will focus on working together as a group, learning challenging routines, and bringing their high level of skill and poise to the stage. Admittance into the company is via auditions held the first Saturday in June. Additional fees are associated with company participation to include but not limited to: additional classes, rehearsals, costumes, clothing, and competition fees.

Waiver – by registering on line or via hard copy, the following waiver applies:

I know of no health reason(s), other than the information indicated on this form, why my child/I should not participate in any of the studios’ dance or related activities. I understand that I as parent/guardian/self will not hold Concepts In Motivation, Inc., its directors and/or employees responsible for any injuries while at any facility or function run by Concepts In Motivation, Inc. I further understand that there is NO refund or deduction in tuition for missed classes and that it is the student’s responsibility to make up the classes missed. I understand that payments not received on time will be assessed a late fee of $15 per month that tuition is late. I release Concepts in Motivation, Inc., from any liability regarding any pictures or DVD/video taken of my child for use on web site or displaying at the studio or for advertisement of the company. While I understand that every precaution for security will be taken, Concepts in Motivation, Inc., is not responsible for any adverse circumstance.